ShardWorx® Small Aqua Glass Bottles


These hard-to-find glass bottles are great for adding new textures and colors into your art projects, centerpieces, interior design projects, and more!. Angular and ornately designed, the Small Aqua Glass Bottles are tapered at the end for limitless design and creation possibilities. A wonderful addition to ShardWorx art projects and DIY crafts! 

  • Unique, translucent aqua bottles for coastal art creations and home decor
  • Use them whole or break them up to use in all your creations
  • Great for ShardWorx® art, mosaic art creations, DIY crafts, and resin art projects!
  • No caps or lids included.
  • Weight is approx. 2 lbs. (1kg)
  • Qty: 70 per box

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