Resin 32 oz Kit


Resin locks your glass into position for that perfect canvas masterpiece! Our resin kits allow you to make up a batch of resin to seal glass and trinkets into place on canvas so your art can be displayed. It’s simple and convenient!

  • Create a glossy finish for your ShardWorx® masterpiece with Art Resin epoxy
  • Dries hard as a rock and clear and shiny
  • Easy to use; perfect for resin art beginners and experienced artists 
  • 32 oz is ideal for small projects or occasional use
  • One gallon covers approximately 25.6 sq. ft. when poured ⅛” thick

Hint:  Read the directions included. You must mix the resin for a full THREE minutes. (It’s longer than you think!) Take safety precautions when working with epoxy:  use in a well-ventilated area, keep out of the reach of children, and always wear gloves.


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