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Need to add a little bling or sparkle to your ShardWorx© art masterpiece? Our Bubbles are perfect for a variety of uses in resin art projects, canvas art, wedding decor, home decor, vase filling, and any other way you can dream up! 

  • Plastic bubbles look like shimmering glass
  • Adds a unique element of design to your glass art projects
  • Always buy more than you think; they go quick!

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Cobalt Crushed Glass

The key to ShardWorx Art®, our crushed glass adds unique textures and vibrant colors to your art projects. It’s perfect for modern and whimsical glass mosaics, resin and canvas designs, and more! Crushed glass can be used for decorative purposes and adds an eye-catching element to home and event decor, vase filling, and projects of all kinds.

  • Cobalt is a bright & deep blue like nighttime ocean waters
  • Small shards of different sizes and shapes
  • Both rough and shiny textured glass
  • Approx. ¼” (glass shard sizes may vary)

ShardWorx® crushed glass is an essential element in ShardWorx Art®

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Epoxy Resin SURP (Single Use Resin Pack)

Simple, convenient, and easy to use SURPs make for perfect resining, every time! The no-fuss SURPs are the perfect option when you don’t need to make up a large batch of resin, like when doing small art projects or individual canvas resining.

6 oz SURP

  • pre-measured packs of 3oz resin & 3oz hardener separated by clip
  • Covers an 8×10 canvas

8 oz SURP

  • pre-measured packs of 4oz resin & 4oz hardener
  • covers a 12×12 or 11×14 canvas 

Instructions are included in the pack. NO measuring! NO cup and stir stick! Easy and convenient

  1. Pull on the pack to combine the resin and hardener into one bag. 
  2. Hand-knead the combined mixture for THREE minutes. 

Use scissors to snip off a very small corner of the bag and drizzle resin over your art.

 A ShardWorx® exclusive item!

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Glass Nipper & Sanding Stone Kit

A handy kit to quickly and easily nip and shape glass into different shapes and designs, then sand away rough, sharp edges for perfectly styled glass. Use it CAREFULLY to trim down a large piece of glass or nip sheet glass to get nice biscotti-shaped pieces perfect for an angel’s wing! 

  • Glass Nippers: two carbide wheels that pinch to trim and cut glass pieces
  • Sanding Stone: smooths edges of sharp, freshly cut glass
  • Use CAREFULLY for your ShardWorx® at-home art projects
  • An essential, must-have tool for Mary Hong & every ShardWorx® artist!

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Heat Gun

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Resin 32 oz Kit

Resin locks your glass into position for that perfect canvas masterpiece! Our resin kits allow you to make up a batch of resin to seal glass and trinkets into place on canvas so your art can be displayed. It’s simple and convenient!

  • Create a glossy finish for your ShardWorx® masterpiece with Art Resin epoxy
  • Dries hard as a rock and clear and shiny
  • Easy to use; perfect for resin art beginners and experienced artists 
  • 32 oz is ideal for small projects or occasional use
  • One gallon covers approximately 25.6 sq. ft. when poured ⅛” thick

Hint:  Read the directions included. You must mix the resin for a full THREE minutes. (It’s longer than you think!) Take safety precautions when working with epoxy:  use in a well-ventilated area, keep out of the reach of children, and always wear gloves.

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Video/ Starter Kit Combo

This product includes everything you’ll need to get started in making amazing art!

1) ShardWorx Training Videos (Unlimited Access for one year!)
2) Starter Pack: Supplies & Tools (Mailed to your address! )

Once you pay, you will be get an email with a link to set up your password.  (If you don’t receive it within 15 minutes, please check your spam folder!)

Your Starter Kit will arrive to your shipping address within 1-2 weeks.

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