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Acrylic French Cleats

For a secure way to hang and display art, a Fench cleat is the preferred option for many artists. Our acrylic French cleats are the modern way to display your creations wherever you choose. Simply secure into a wall and hang your art for all to see!

  • Ideal for displaying all of your ShardWorx® art, DIY projects, and more!
  • Acrylic lends a sleek, modern look for any decor taste and style
  • The flat cleat easily keeps your art straight and level

Easy to mount and use for perfect displays

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Epoxy Resin SURP (Single Use Resin Pack)

Simple, convenient, and easy to use SURPs make for perfect resining, every time! The no-fuss SURPs are the perfect option when you don’t need to make up a large batch of resin, like when doing small art projects or individual canvas resining.

6 oz SURP

  • pre-measured packs of 3oz resin & 3oz hardener separated by clip
  • Covers an 8×10 canvas

8 oz SURP

  • pre-measured packs of 4oz resin & 4oz hardener
  • covers a 12×12 or 11×14 canvas 

Instructions are included in the pack. NO measuring! NO cup and stir stick! Easy and convenient

  1. Pull on the pack to combine the resin and hardener into one bag. 
  2. Hand-knead the combined mixture for THREE minutes. 

Use scissors to snip off a very small corner of the bag and drizzle resin over your art.

 A ShardWorx® exclusive item!

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Heat Gun

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SALE – Neon Crushed Glass

Great to use when making fun rock geode art, modern and whimsical glass mosaics, or any projects needing glass inclusions for truly unique ShardWorx Art®!

  • Included:  a 1 lb jar of varying sized pieces & shards of Neon glass (+/- 1/4″)
  • Choose from 4 different colors : Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink and Neon Yellow. All a bright electric shade of color perfect for mosaics and patterned tile art
  • Small shards of different sizes and shapes
  • Both rough and shiny textured glass
  • ShardWorx® crushed glass is an essential element in ShardWorx Art®! 

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Tombow Aqua Liquid Glue 1.69 oz

Dryes clear!!!! Pen tip is for small areas or fine lines of glue. Broad tip is for large areas. Glue is acid-free and photo-safe Glue is 100% washable 1.69 oz. dual applicator that is leak and clog free

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