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Clear Glass Chunks

Assortment of thick chunks of clear glass. They’re perfect for your Shardworx Art creations. Weight is approx  2Ibs (1kg).

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Glass Cutter Kit

Bundled together in this convenient kit are a pair of Toyo Supercutters and 8-inch running pliers, a great toolset for any glass artist! Perfect for cutting glass in all of your art projects, the Toyo Supercutter is one of the longest lasting and highest quality glass cutting tools on the market and conveniently comes with compatible pliers for every project. 

  • Toyo Supercutter glass cutter tool plus 8” running pliers
  • Carbide steel construction with an easy-to-hold pistol grip
  • Cutter heads are replaceable!
  • Outlasts competitors by 25x!
  • Score glass for hours with little hand fatigue
  • Perfect for beginners & those with limited hand strength

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Glass Nipper & Sanding Stone Kit

A handy kit to quickly and easily nip and shape glass into different shapes and designs, then sand away rough, sharp edges for perfectly styled glass. Use it CAREFULLY to trim down a large piece of glass or nip sheet glass to get nice biscotti-shaped pieces perfect for an angel’s wing! 

  • Glass Nippers: two carbide wheels that pinch to trim and cut glass pieces
  • Sanding Stone: smooths edges of sharp, freshly cut glass
  • Use CAREFULLY for your ShardWorx® at-home art projects
  • An essential, must-have tool for Mary Hong & every ShardWorx® artist!

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ShardWorx® Garnet Red Unique Glass Bottles

Are they potion bottles or fancy drinking glasses? It’s up to you! The ShardWorx© Garnet Red Unique Glass Bottles are shaped to funnel out into an ornate, squared bottom that is perfect for using in decor or art projects. The bottles are handheld sized and add a touch of drama to any creation, and create a bold aesthetic to any centerpiece, interior design project, or design you can make!

  • Elegantly shaped, small, garnet-red glass bottles   
  • No caps or lids included; bottles only
  • Perfect for ShardWorx Art®,  geode designs, or mosaic art creations! 
  • Qty: 70 per box

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ShardWorx® Small Unique Clear Glass Bottles

These triangular shaped, palm-sized glass bottles are a great way to add gloss and texture to any decor setting, centerpiece, or ShardWorx® art project and craft! Each bottle is crystal clear with smooth angles, and is the perfect addition to your home and event decor, DIY craft, or whatever purpose you imagine!

  • Whimsically shaped, small, clear glass bottles
  • No caps or lids included; bottles only
  • Ideal for ShardWorx® art, home and event decor, mosaic art creations, and more!
  • Qty: 15 per box or 25 per box (bottles in the 15/box set are larger than those in the 25/box set)

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ShardWorx® Violet Glass Bottles

Glossy and ornate, elegantly curved like flower petals, the ShardWorx® Violet Glass Bottles are perfect for using in decor and art projects. Their handheld size and ombré coloring create a whimsical and eye-catching focus for any masterpiece. They are the perfect addition to centerpieces, interior design projects, home, wedding, and event decor, and more! 

  • Uniquely shaped, small, clear & violet glass bottles  
  • No caps or lids included; bottles only
  • Ideal ShardWorx Art®, home and event decor, mosaic art creations, and more!  
  • Qty: 30 per box

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The ShardWorx® Glass Mug – Blue

All of this crafting and glass-art-creating is sure making us thirsty, and we bet you are, too! Showcase your love for ShardWorx® art with this logo mug. It’s perfect for any kind of drink whether staying cool like us on a Florida Gulf Coast summer afternoon or wherever you may be! If you’re feeling really crafty, you can smash it up and use it in your ShardWorx® Art or resin art and glass-on-canvas projects, too!

  • 13 oz bright blue glass mug 
  • Ready for your favorite drink!
  • Versatile – smash it and use it in your ShardWorx® art and canvas glass projects, too!
  • Get crackin’!

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Video/ Starter Kit Combo

This product includes everything you’ll need to get started in making amazing art!

1) ShardWorx Training Videos (Unlimited Access for one year!)
2) Starter Pack: Supplies & Tools (Mailed to your address! )

Once you pay, you will be get an email with a link to set up your password.  (If you don’t receive it within 15 minutes, please check your spam folder!)

Your Starter Kit will arrive to your shipping address within 1-2 weeks.

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