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“I am addicted!” (Barbara)

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ShardWorx™ is the most incredible art you’ll ever find. Read More below…

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I have taught hundreds of people ShardWorx™ over the past few years and they cannot get enough of this technique!

They come to me bored and looking for something new to do on their vacations. After spending a day creating a ShardWorx™ they leave addicted.

I already purchased the starter kit and have watched the video tutorials. ShardWorx is my new favorite obsession!

Becky M.

Thank you so much for sharing your passion with all of us. Just the little that I have already done since getting the starter kit has brought me such joy…

Holly K.

This weekend we gathered supplies and took to my granddaughters 17th birthday. All had fun. Nice family builder.

Wendy J.

Thank you for giving this peek inside how you create your magic. Absolutely stunning.

Cheri G.

You have instilled a passion for glass in me. I have turned my garage into a studio. LOL!

Cindy M.