Welcome to Mary Hong’s Glass Collage On Canvas!

12 Months of Unlimited Access for $199

I have taught this class to hundreds of students over the past few years and my students cannot get enough of this technique!  But, to keep the hands-on classes fun and engaging, I provide students with a pre-painted canvas and I do the yucky work of pouring the resin when class is over.  Many students have asked me how I paint the canvas? What glazes do I use?  What colors?  And the resin..so many more questions! To answer most of them, I’ve developed a series of videos that cover every step I make when creating glass collage on canvas masterpieces.

What You Get When You Join!

1. Receive  three times the information you would get in my studio class.  In my studio class I only show you how to apply glass to the canvas.  You get instant access to multiple videos where I show you how to paint your canvas and how to mix and pour epoxy resin.

2. Bird’s eye view of me painting, adding glass and pouring resin.  You’ll see all the materials and tools that I use.

3. Review the video tutorials any time and as many times as you’d like for one year.

4. A Supply and Resource Guide with links to the exact websites, brands, tools and materials that I recommend.

5. Make awesome, impressive art!

6. Join a private Facebook group with other students!  Share your progress and discoveries with each other!

7. All the information you receive can be applied to other mediums like mixed media and watercolors.

8. The video on how to cut wine bottles is NOT like most of the videos on YouTube!  Done at your own risk.

9. This is a completely new way of making art!

10.  Even the “non-creative” people in my classes are relieved because it’s so easy and the results are amazing.



More Than Just The Basics…

This class is more than just an introduction.  The information provided in this class can be applied to many mediums and will get you thinking differently about glass.

Connect With Other Students…

An added bonus to taking this class is the private facebook group where students can log in and share photos of their work!  I can’t tell you how many students come in my studio after taking one of my classes to show me what they’ve done on their own!  You will be able to share with other students and offer feedback and support and share new tips that you’ve discovered along the way.  I’ve always dreaded the competitive angle that so many people fall in to when they discover a new art form.  My hope is that this forum will breed support, encouragement, and positive thinking.

A new way of making art…with glass!

This class is unique because it is a completely new way of making art!  I share every step from painting your canvas, selecting your materials, covering it with resin and suggestions on how to hang your now-heavy canvas.  Many times in class people miss out on how to cut a curved bottle if they didn’t need to do that in the piece they are working on.  And, since you can access the class online you can always check back as many times as you want to make sure you’re “getting it right!”

 “Just finished Mary’s “Words in Glass” class. LOVED being in her studio and learning from her!!! Highly recommend her classes. VERY affordable and you get a wonderful piece of art to take home! A+ instruction from an amazing artist!”

“Incredible artist and teacher! This is the happiest medium there is. If you have taken a class you know what I mean…if you have not, put it on the top of your 2014 list of things to do…you will amaze yourself”

“I couldn’t wait to come in the next morning and see what I made!  I’ve taken classes in jewlery making, mixed media, painting…everything…but never have I loved anything more than this class!  I’m hooked.  I’m taking everything out of my craft room and filling it with glass!”

My secrets:

So many people want to know how I cut up wine bottles into rings..what is that glaze on my paintings? What do I have to glue down?  I even share with you what paint colors I like to use, and where to buy those amazing little bubbles!  I give tips and suggestion on how to do all of that and more!

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up you’ll have instant, 24/7 unlimited access for one year to all of the videos and resources.  Just log in and get started! All of the videos and resources are right at your fingertips. You can watch the videos in any order at your own pace. Internet access required.  I’m pretty sure you’re only going to watch the intro video once!  It’s just there to show you that I really am a person, a mom and wife, and I really do teach in my cute little studio in Grayton Beach, Florida!